Ben Saddik annonce son retour au combat

En toue simplicité, stylo à la main mais en présence de Pierre Andurand himself, Jamal Ben Saddik annonce son retour au combat en promettant de grandes choses à venir à ses fans ! L’actuel challenger numéro 1 pourrait retrouver Rico Verhoeven pour un combat revanche (Rico s’était imposé par TKO5 au Glory 49).


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I’ve always loved taking on challenges in life, and I am very happy my fans will be able to see me fight again after a year of absence in the fight game. I am very grateful to Glory for what they did for my career, and I am happy we’re moving forward and that I will be able to fight on such a platform that is the future. It’s always been very important for me to give the fans the biggest fights and the most important fights, and that’s what we have accomplished today. I promise you I will always keep on fighting for that. I’ve always liked a challenge and have never backed down for one. With that said: here comes yet another challenge in my career. I would like to thank everybody that has made this path a possibility for me. You are all appreciated. And to the fans of the kickboxing community: sit back and relax because big things are coming up and I sure know that I won’t fail you again 😏😉

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